Second display is capped at 720p when connected to HDMI switcher through capture card Build 9879

Basically I'm using a radioshack 4 in 1 hdmi switcher, and I connect it to my capture card through both the inputs and outputs, this only happens when it's connected through my capture card. it didn't start till the second public build of the Windows 10 technical preview, so I think it has to do with the downgraded UI in the second public build. Anyway if you guys need longs feel free to let me know.
Thanks Mark - some folks will engage on this to take a look. Forgive us if it's slow, many people starting to take time off for holidays.
It's fine, do what you need to do.
alright, I just sent over the logs.

Got them, thank you!


Hi Mark, it looks like from the logs that the capture card is being reported as a TV device so the UI is scaling up to 150% for the expected farther viewing distance. 

You should be able to go into the display UI and change the setting back to 100% in order to avoid the scaling.

Oh snap, that did the job. Thank you very much!

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