I love W10

It's simply amazing!!

fast, simply and with the lovely windows start bar!

I use it from first day of tech preview. just 2 crash in all time, with first build


I Found some errors with software. all solved with compatibily mode.

W10 looks like a mix from older win and ubuntu. Multi desktop, searching from bar and the 4 corners for windows repositioning are amazing.

The style  is good too, very clear. It just need fews improvements for the fonts position in notifications windows and popups.

Just one thing is bad for me. Over the years, windows and in particular windows settings become ever more hidden and trasparent to users. This maybe is good for novices , they can't make a lot of damage, but i don't like that!

p.s. 9879 build icons are crazy and so fresh!

really thanks for this OS.


Andrea Z

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I think the same.
Task views are from the tile with the app can return in 1瞬 task, so think very useful features.
To demonstrate the power of the task views personally, Win10, desktop, my impression is that assures, in because I think when you change the Win8.1 mode, large to effect
Early on, said "Start bar resurrection meaning is'
Such as and do not tell the story.
I became a OS anywhere models, can be used.
It has it's good point for a first start, so yes W7.2 Sorry W10 is not bad.
It has it's good point for a first start, so yes W7.2 Sorry W10 is not bad.

LOL, "Windows 7.2" is a bit nasty, but yes, I too like Windows 10 a lot.  :)

I am a convinced Windows 7 user and I really saw no need to upgrade to Windows 8. For a real PC with reasonably modern hardware, Windows 7 is still the best. It is a mature, very stable OS and we know our way around it. (And if not, there's tons of tips on the internet, covering just about every possible situation.)

If you come from either Vista or Windows 7, you can start working with Windows 10 right away without any extra training.

Aero glass is a matter of taste, some folks don't like the transparency effects and switch that off. But the themes of Windows 7 are just nicer. That plain look which began to appear with Google Chrome and which was then taken over by others is just CHEAP!  :(

And Win7.2?
Get Service Pack (sp2)?
Not trying to be nasty, W10 gives me the feel of a W7 upgrade. My point is, in order to please the people who like the desktop they have gutted W8.  In doing that they have turned W10 into W7.2 with a Metro shell. I remember how it was with W3.1 on DOS and that's the feel I get with W10.
Win7.2 service pack? comes in January. Hopefully replacing some of the things they ripped out of Win8.1. 
Thank you very much.
Forgot about the Win7 Sp2.
Would this be like Vista, download of distribution?
It is also thought that sock if the package is that the 8.1 is better?
How to touch will be disk top, since 10 is like.
Like 8's top disc type and difficult to use.
(Mouse operation is difficult)
What if that OS?
There is wonder and say,.
Intend to leave the technical preview in the developments.

Honestly, I found Windows 8.1 rock-steady and beautiful too! So far, but for the Keyboard glitch and some other minor irritants, I'm very happy with Windows 10 as well. But then, this is just a TP and going ahead, I really have high expectations from the commercial Windows 10, when it is released!

The only Windows Editions I did not find stable are Windows ME and Windows Vista - all other editions have worked just fine for me!

---Push the Envelope - lest it swallow you whole!---

Win 10 is great. And now with 10 onedrive is working for local user too, wich is important for users like me who don't wan't or can't login with MS live account.

For me who wan't to chance login PWD once a mon't it's pain to use live login.

As a "onedrive" user I had to downgrade my new laptop to windows 7, becouse Onderive was not available to local user in windows 8. Now Windows 10 seems to be my next Windows! 

Honestly I'm just wondering has.
Is not in the US, this country for IME too but wonderful.
Different to the IME that you realize the greatness I don't know since when the home position changed to Y and V.
There are fresh like back in the days, this IEM2000 was on this 10.
Is the IEM specification other operating systems in non-critical updates, removing an application and you want to distribute.
If you named is 'IME2015' I like finish.

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