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Original title: Printing from the Surface


How do I get the Surface to print to a LaserJet 4MV printer connected into a home network? I apparently need to download the driver to the Surface,
supposedly via Windows Update. But I keep getting a message that Windows Update is unavailable and to try back in a bit. It's been two weeks now. I think that's enough time.

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HairyFool replied on

The driver selection process is slightly different for RT

Go to add printer and select the printer isn't listed option then Next

Choose Add a local printer.... then Next, Create a new port.


The next point depends on how the printer is actually connected

IF directly to the LAN then choose TCP/IP and set up the address.

IF on a PC then choose Local Port and set the port name to \\PCNAME\PRINTERNAME

In the Install the printer driver select HP then on the right hand side you need to skip past most of the Laserjet section as they are PCL6 and the 4MV is PCL5. 3/4 of the way down are Laserjet PCLm Class drivers, further still after Officejet are PCL3 Class drivers. You will have to experiment with one of these.

RT being ARM does not normally support the installation of x86 programs. RT use v4 driver architecture whish is more based around supporting groups of printers using the same file set as to individual model specific drivers. It can lead to minor features not being visible but it should still work as a printer.

Neither my K8600 ot L7780 are listed yet they both work.


Laserjet 4, best printer ever made!


This process works for most "unidentified" printers although it depends a little on knowing about the printer specification. This question is coming up repeatedly and needs to be better documented.

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Michael Sargent replied on

That worked well for me. I now have my Surface RT printing wirelessly to my LaserJet CP1024nw (unsupported at this time, but works).



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