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Error Code 80200053 on Windows Update in Windows 7 Professional

DerekSSS asked on
Just upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional.  Now cannot get updates - get error code 80200053 
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Gokul T replied on

Hey DerekSSS,

Thanks for posting in Microsoft answers!

a. What is the update you’re trying to install?
b. Were you able to update before upgrading to Windows 7 Professional?
c. Have you activated your copy of Windows 7?

Download the standalone package of the update and try installing the same and check if that fixes the issue.

Method 1:

Microsoft has released a new "Fix it" solution that should automatically solve your problems with Windows Update. Click the link below and follow the instructions.

How do I reset Windows Update components?
Method 2:

Follow the instructions in the link below to rename Software distribution and catroot folders and try to install the service pack.

You cannot install some updates or programs

Method 3:

Download and install the Windows Update agent

The Windows Update Agent lets you manage which updates will be installed on your computer. The Windows Update Agent works together with the Windows Update Web site to provide the latest updates to your computer. The Windows Update Agent also works together with servers that are running Microsoft System Management Server and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in a corporate environment.

For more information refer the below link:

How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent to help manage updates on a computer

Hope this helps!
Gokul- Microsoft Support

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Gerry999 replied on

None of the methods worked for my 4th attempt to install Win10 "upgrade" on Win7 pro.  I even did a format of the Hard Drive, and re-installed Win 7 Pro... and 250 updates, taking 2 days, culminating in the final update to show the win 10 logo, and reservation screen.... saw the download in progress message, and waited for an hour for it to download... then .... you guessed it... FAILED again... did the troudble shooter stuff and still not installing Win 10 ....

What an absolute load of Rubbish.... 

If Microsoft are "so clever" that they can write an O.S. and call it Win 10 "UPGRADE" that doesn`t..... why don`t they write a script or some "investigating" type program that can be downloaded first , to find and fix problems,.... BEFORE... spending an hour waiting for a download, to FAIL..... and WHY.... does it need to download again, after the failure..... clever sticks at Microsoft should be able to download and save at the same time, thus preventing having to wait for a fresh download, and be able to click the "retry" button, using the existing download......

Will give it one more go, and then Microsoft can stuff WIndows 10 and I`ll stick with Windows 7 Professional..... at least that is working....  and if that does eventually fail.... I shall go to LINUX MINT 17 which I know will run on the first install from the Downloaded .iso file after it has burned to DVD>.....

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