Computer really slow after latest updates


I updated one of my PCs that runs Vista x64 with the latest security updates two days ago.
Now that systems takes over 15 minutes just to boot to the logon screen and that much time again to get to the desktop.
The mouse cursor is always fast like normal, but everything else including the caret blink time is in super slow-motion.

This is a really clean system that is used strictly for dedicated 3D work, so it has nothing but Max, UE3 and WinZip on it.  It is not used for Internet access.
No hardware or software changes have been made to the system in many months, other than Windows Updates.
Intel Q6600 C2Q, 8GB 1066 RAM, NVidia 8800GTS 512, WD 500GB HD, ASUS P5K mobo.

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue with the latest updates, especially since it is really painful to try to troubleshoot since it takes literally hours to try anything out for changes to locate the issue.  I'll do a wipe and reinstall if I have to spend too much more time with reboots, it will be faster.
I'm answering my own question here... :-)
Maybe it will help someone else and save them from a few hours of work waiting for slow bootup to fix things.

For those interested: The OS is Vista Home Premium x64. Hardware was listed above. This is a premium system with high-end hardware, coolers, case, power supply, etc.
This is not a full-time use system, it is only used for specific work that I do, usually only a few hours on one or two days each week.

I actually timed the Welcome Screen bootup and it was over 45 minutes. lol :-D
I pulled the case side off and noticed that the hard drive was just chewing away on something.
Booting up in safe-mode was also just as painfully slow as standard bootup (argh).

Regarding Windows Updates, I have this system set to Notify Only, so I only install updates at the end of any day that I am working on the computer. Hence my assumption that it is an update issue that caused the problem since nothing else ever changes on it -- files are even saved off to a network server.

However, once I was able to actually get onto the computer, I noticed that I had also installed Windows Live Mail on it the same day that I did the Windows Updates (two days ago). WLM was installed merely to get a screen shot of it for my blog, it was never actually used for Internet email, it was to be uninstalled sometime on one of the next system bootups.

So... Apparently installing some combination of WLM and/or latest Windows Updates had borked something on the computer startup.
I grabbed my Vista DVD, booted it up, ran the Startup Repair. Now the system works just fine. WLM has been uninstalled in case it was part or all of the culprit.
As with PCs, it could be anything to do with the specific hardware and software configuration, the order of WLM and Updates installs, the specific Updates installed, etc.

I would recommend anyone with a similar setup be careful installing WLM and/or Updates in succession in case they run into the same issue.
Just don't panic if you have problems, try a Vista DVD Startup Repair. :-)

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