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I cannot use office at all.  No error code.  The window comes on (word, PowerPoint or excel) for me to sign in to activate then tells me that the information that I log in with is not associated with this office product.  Yet when I go to 'my account', all of my information is there??? What is the problem and how soon can this be fixed?

Ricky, this is the wrong place to be asking questions. Go back to the Answers forum and ask it there to get more replies.

I don't have much on that specific problem, only this

“The products we found in your account can’t be used to activate Microsoft Office 2013 application.”
“The account isn’t associated with this Office product. To activate this install, please sign in with the account associated with your product.”

This error message comes when you already have a testing version of Office 2013 such as Customer Preview version (which was released by Microsoft free to public) installed in your system and then you try to install the final RTM version of Office 2013. Even if you uninstall the preview version successfully, its product key and other license details still reside in your Windows which cause a license mismatch problem and Office 2013 shows this error message and doesn’t activate itself.

The following article suggests some fixes:


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Got the 30088-27 error while trying to update a Win 8.1 workstation. None of the tricks worked (disable, then enable, etc.).

I then opened IE and saw the usual (pain in the a** prompt for IE11 settings). I completed the prompt and then I was able to do the Office 2013 updates with no other changes.

This workstation does not normally use IE.

HELP!!! I CAN'T FIND ANY ANSWERS TO THIS! I am a student, downloaded this through the university and they don't give you a product code to activate online.....

First, you should not be posting your question here. You should post it as a new question in the main Office forum.  That way more people will see it and provide possible answers.

Are you talking about the offer for students to get a free copy of Office based on the school license.   In that case, did you follow the process described in this link:

2014 09 23- Student Advantage

If you are talking about about Office 365 University, then you would have been given the product key when you qualified for the license.

Thanks Rohn007 I have posted this as a new comment in the main office form as well.

I am talking about the Office 365 University and I was not given a code when I qualified please remember this was about a year or two when I downloaded this for the first time and the University 365 I don't believe was fully defined yet or maybe not with my university anyways. There is not way to find your product code from your account? In the software > install page? When I click on this link in the article above I get this

1. I cannot install Office 365

2. the fixit program is not working

3. this is the error code I get, when I try to install it.

Can someone please help me?

Sorry, I have seen that code before, but have not seen any reported fixes for it yet.

That is one of the codes that has been split out to a separate, similar page (due to size limits on these wiki entries).

Hi, thank you so much for this article contacted ms support and they were no help. I did have error code 0x8004FC12 the suggested fix worked straight away. Thanks,

Phil T

30015-1011 (5)

Found the user didn't have full control in their %TEMP% folder.  Specifically they didn't have "Create folders / append data" permission.


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