Office 365/2013/2016 Code 1000-# to 29999-# Part 2 of 3


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MS will try to charge you for support too if they decide your problem is not elegible for free support.

Sorry, I don't know who in MS to directly contact about this problem. The only similar links I have are for reporting bootleg software sales. Maybe they can redirect you.

What to do when you figure out you have a bootleg / Fake copy of Office?

You ran into a problem where your Product Key no longer works. Using the following tips you figure that you have a bootleg copy of Office. What can you do?


If you are feeling vindictive, you can report the ‘piracy’ to Microsoft using this page:

:// .


Report Counterfeit Software to MS 


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ok. first off, the Micrsoft Office 2010 error is coming from a PC running linux. Microsoft Office 2010 is running under WINE for Linux. if you would install MSOffice 2010 on a Computer runnin Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Newer (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/ early windows 10TP, or Windows 10 RTM, 1511. Redstone 1 (Aniversary Update), or Redstone 2, you propably would have that issue. Microsoft Office 2007 ProPlus installs successfully (0x00) on Wine for Linux, however, when you launch Microsoft Word, it will shoot you an error, but the application will be one hundred percent funtional, wont receive updates tho, youl need to install those manually due tyo the lack of WSUS, aka Windows Update/microsoft update.  and also, installing it on Wine also bypasses Activation. (illegal)

id reccomend not to install Microsoft Office on Wine.

I have not tested MSofffice 2013 or 2016 on Wine yet. i will in the future.