Windows 7 Pro won't Windows Update: fails with error code 1 (0x000000000000001), which is a language pack problem,__Pro version DON"T SUPPORT MULTIPLE LANGUAGES

Dear Windows Support Colleagues;


My windows installer/windows updater is broken; it won't update security essentials, the installers fail with error

code 1, indicating a problem with the language packs; i'm using widows 7 pro for software development.

Multiple lanagues packs are not a part of windows 7; do I have to upgrade to ultimate to fix your problem ?


Attempt at more sophisticated repair, SFC /SCANNOW indicates corruption but can't fix it.

Hand installing the update package sort of works.


Your thoughts welcome. I

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I Solved my own problem;

the problem was ownership and permission on My Programs, All Users, Program Data, and My Programs (86).

As I type this i/m re-running SFC /VERIFY only, and a big pile of updates just sucessfully installed.


WHat did I Do ? I took Ownership of the above special directories back from 'TrustedInstaller'.

Even when owned by TrustedInstaller, it has no permissions. Some places I found specific denial to System owner. 


How did this happen ? Did a trusted installer get caught mid-install ? 


I took back ownership to SYSTEM, and made certain the CREATOR had full rights, as did SYSTEM and

USER and AUTHENTICATED USER. Perhaps I was overbroad.


I took ownership and then all of the pent up windows updates presented themselves to be installed,

and i'm waiting for SFC /VERIFYNOW to complete before I mark this as running.

I'm pretty certain VS2008 and VS2010 will now repair and install.

Hmmm... still seeing funny error message in SFC...



We need a tool to give an overview of a big directory tree ownership and permissions.



Hey Hey Hey Doc K whadu say ?
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