Q: Vista Blue Screen issues and Vista SP2 Upgrade Errors after Aug. 25, 2009 Windows Updates

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We have identified the following 2 issues resulting from the installation of Windows Updates on August 25, 2009

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These updates have been removed from Windows Update and replaced with new versions of the updates that do not cause the issues mentioned below.  If Windows Update reinstalls these updates, please do not worry as these will be the updated (v2) versions of the updates.

Issue 1:  Blue Screen error messages appearing shortly after reboot with the following errors:

1.       “Stop 0x0000007e”

2.       "Stop 0x00000050"


Issue 2:  Unable to install Windows vista Service Pack 2 with one of the following errors:

1.       One or more drivers may be incompatible.

The driver listed below might be incompatible with Vista Service Pack 2.

MSDSM – Please read Microsoft Knowledge Base article 967752

2.       ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x80070057)


NOTE: These issues were caused by Windows Updates that were quickly removed from the Windows Update site and are no longer offered.


Issue 1 was related to the installation of KB973879

Issue 2 was related to the installation of KB972036




In order to resolve both issues, the solution is to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the updates.  If that is not an option, System Restore to a date prior to August 25, 2009 is suggested.


Solution 1 – Uninstall the Updates in Safe Mode

1.       Start the system in safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly during the start-up process.

2.       Choose “Safe Mode” from the list of advanced start-up options.

3.       Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

4.       Click Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.

5.       In the Tasks list in the left navigation area, click View Installed Updates.

6.       Click the entry for either KB973879 or KB972036 (or both if found) and then click Uninstall.

7.       Click “Yes” when you are prompted to confirm the uninstallation.

8.       Restart the system when you are prompted.


Note:  If you are prompted for confirmation or the administrator password during the above steps, click “Yes” to confirm or type the administrator password.


Solution 2 – Perform a system Restore to a date prior to August 25, 2009

1.       Click Start then click All Programs

2.       Click Accessories then System Tools

3.       Click System Restore

4.       Follow the steps to restore the computer to a date prior to August 25, 2009


NOTE:  For detailed steps on using System Restore, please consult the following article:

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i have notice that also, after i updated the vista sp2 in my system the blue screen appears.

1.  driver_power_state_failure
2. bugcode_usb_error

usually, when i left my computer on, when i came back to check a prompt saying that my computer unexpectedly shutdown due to blue screen. i have already check the minidump folder and there was 4 dmp file.

please check. i tried to reformat my laptop but when i reach to uopdating vista sp 2 bluescreen once again appear.

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I have a blue screen error too.  I reformatted a couple times--unplugged anything that could be an issue (magic jack and things like that).  I replaced my board, checked my memory, tested out my cd roms--tried everything I can think of.  Realized that I only get this error after installing service pack 2.  I also went and checked to make sure that somehow the above mentioned files didn't sneak in.  Didn't find them in my update history.  Please help.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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