Q: Microsoft security essential error code 0x8007042c

Was online getting ready to download the office 2007 program, I accidentally clicked on something somewhere on the page then several windows started popping up every where. I could not close them out so I shut my computer down by pushing the power button.

when I logged back on my desktop icons and start menu task bar were gone.  I could not go online. Several of my programs were disabled including Microsoft security essentials. I tried to uninstall my spy ware protection, It would not let me.

I pushed ctrl+alt+delete, in task manager I followed instructions suggested due to error code, new task, navigated to explorer.exe, right clicked, renamed explorer1(.exe).  I got my icons back, but still could not get online. When I restarted my computer the icons were gone again. I followed previous steps except I replaced explorer with the web address:,  This brought up a blank web page, I typed C:// in top and continued following the rest of the multi step instructions. Where I should have had my old PC back after shutting down and logging back on was the same thing. No icons, start menu, task bar, no internet access.

I operate with a Windows xp Home sp3  Anything will be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for responding! I ended up wiping the computer and starting over. It's running fine now, I will keep touch! Again, Thank you!

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