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So, up until recently (November 18-20th) my laptop was working relatively fine. I had some updates from around the 10th that I hadn't updated with, and after having done so I began to receive physical memory dumps. My first solution was restoring to before I updated my computer, which worked. I reinstalled my updates after a good 4-5 hour session, but ended up with the bluescreen 10 minutes into a session shortly afterward. I have looked at the thread from August, but those updates did not cause memory dumps. On the side, i removed the update causing a different bluescreen which I have yet to encounter, and I do not know if it is the on responsible for my dump (KB9XXXXX, lost the related forum). I am also trying to avoid testing this AT ALL COSTS because I know the damage physical memory dumps can do to a computer.

And somehow my Windows Vista question got put under Windows 7...?



     Here are a few things I would suggest.

Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic to make sure there isn't a problem with the RAM.

Then perform a Clean Boot and test.  This can help determine if there is a conflict with a 3rd party software.

Also you may want to run the System File Checker to look for any corrupt system files.
BTW - The Windows Update (and a couple other forums) are combined forums, so all versions of Windows go to the same forum.  Sorry for the confusion.


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