Attention KB4056894 Security Update Will Make your AMD X2 Computer unusable Win7 Win 8.1 Win10 and Maybe Other System too

If you Install KB4056894 on Windows 7 it dont will boot anymore on windows 10 you will get after 3 Reboots the Update Rollback and you will be Able to Fix it then

We Get Yesterday 9 Computers with same Problem no matter what Chipset Via Or NForce

and it was a Little bit Tricky but we get them all back to Life and found a way to Fix that Problem

The Only Solution Microsoft Support give Useless with new Install

Any Try with Windows repair Results in not Repairable

you need another Computer to get your HDD back again to Work Important you need an AMD CPU from one Upper Generation and if you get it once Booting you will be Able to Unninstall KB4056894

and Disable that for Further Updates on another Mashine then you must put your HDD Back to the System with the Athlon X2 CPU and you will get evrything Back to Life

Attention have to be Pointed in Bios Settings IDE AHCI Otherwise it wont Boot on Other Mashine

on Windows 10 you will get after 3 Useless Boot the Option to Roll Back the Update

and then you will be able to unninstall that Update and with some Tools to Disable from further Installing

i Dont Know How Microsoft will Fix That Problem thats like you Get the Virus direct from Microsoft that Killed your Computer its an Disaster

If That is the Way to Bring People to Buy a New Computer or to Switch to Win10 Looks like thats not the Best way to Make peoples Computers unusable without Warning

I'm not sure in your post where you state a fix. The requirement for a second machine/HDD is strange. On my Dell Vostro which runs an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor, the KB4056894 update fails but after reboot I selected the repair step to revert back to the previous restore point. That worked surprisingly. Once I got back into the desktop I set WU to check for "updates/not install them". Next I forced the check for new updates. When KB4056894 was discovered and listed, I hide the update. I did another force check for updates and WU reported my PC was up-to-date. There I will sit until MS (I hope) redelivers the "corrected" update on Patch Tuesday.

BTW, Is it possible for you to move this post to the "Windows 7 > Installation, Updates, ..." forum? Seems to be the appropriate location for this discussion.

Isnt real Fix just a way how we was able to get Back on all of them to a Working System

i can Just explain in few Steps

1 Backup the HDD from the Mashine that doesent booted on any Other Working one (Acronis True Image or any Other Backup Software)

2 Put The Not Working HDD on a Mashine with for Example AMD Phenom CPU Athlon X3 CPU or Similar

3 Try Booting the Not Working HDD on That Mashine if Fails Look for IDE AHCI Settings in Bios (DEPENDS on Installed System and Drivers)

4 After it Starts to Boot it will install the KB4056894

5 Go to system Settings Programs and Unninstall the KB4056894

6 Reboot

7 Maybe it will Install on that Reboot another Update think it was at most some KB with 18 at the end doesent looked Deeper from December

8 After Reboot go to Windows Update and let it Search for new ones

9 it will find the KB4056894 and maybe Drivers for The Computer where you Switched the HDD Disable the KB4056894 and The Driver Updates

10 Shutdown

11 Disconnect The HDD from The Phenom Computer put it Back to the Mashine where it was come From

12 Boot and Hope that the next Update dont Makes Similar Things with your Working Computer

It was a Solution that helped us Yesterday to get them all back to Life where Windows repair was not able or where no Backups where existing or any Other Backup Point on the Windows 7 Mashines

I cannot use any strategy thar presumes I can see or access windows 10 insider. I am face with a PC desktop computer that does  not go by theerror screen. The function keys do do wor. So when I reach the error system_thread exception not handled I am done. I need help in getting around this problem before it begins. I can not use my compute 4. I cannot access usc, cds or any recovery disk. Any help will be appreciated. 

Did you Changed any Hardware before or did you just Installed Updates

That error i get most time after somwhere in Start was any Driver that dont works

Same error i get on one Dell Notebook where win 10 was updated itself with wrong driver

I had to format a reinstall everything on windows7; and now, I cant install W10, it reboots when the installation is finishing, and a month ago worked perfectly...

if you had win10 before i asume it was activated

you can simple put the win 10 DVD or ISO Stick in your Computer and Install it

without Installing before win 7

IF it Fails to Install win10 then it would be nice if you Post some more Infos about the Mashine

Yes it´s activated, a month ago I tried it but it was very slow because it was full... But as I said before, now I can´t install windows10 from a clean install of windows 7 neither a clean install of windows 10 with a usb stick I prepared, and with the one I updated other computers...

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+  
    6,00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 373MHz (6-6-6-18)
    ASUSTeK Computer INC. M2N-E SLI (Socket AM2 )    40 °C
    1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 210 (ASUStek Computer Inc)

I tried also disconnecting everything and no way...

I do the same with another pc with intel I-5 and it woorks O.K. But rigt number is KB 4056892!

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