Microsoft arc touch mouse not working

ThameemAnsari asked on

I bought a Microsoft arc touch mouse last month. It stopped working yesterday. i just replaced with couple of new batteries and its not getting switched on.


Can you please let me know where can i get this fixed?


i went to transition to US two months ago and i bought this mouse from there via Amazon and now i'm in India. This is for your information.


Looking forward your response.




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Arya S Asok replied on

Hi Thameem,


Is this windows vista or windows 7?


Follow the steps as per the article mentioned below:


Troubleshoot response failures in wireless keyboard or mouse


Reply back with more information to assist you better

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j2zuner replied on
Same problem. It's been about 5 months, very light use. Updated the already up-to-date driver, moved the transceiver to different ports, rebooted, and still no luck. I know the mouse works; the green light comes on and the vibration feedback on the touch pad works. My Windows 7 pc recognizes the transceiver, and the arc touch even shows up on Devices and Printers. But no cursor action whatsoever.

So mysterious! And driving me crazy, this mouse was expensive.
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