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I am having some difficulties to solve the Error number: 0x800A0046. The suggested Used Data Persistence setting is correct. I have no Zone Alarm or any other unchecked filtering device, which could be the cause of the problem. When I try to open the Component Services/Computer it closing the window. I have one Guest user and Administrator setting (using the Administrator). I have re-installed the Service Pack 3 - thinking that it might correct the register - it has not. The W. Defender is in the same stage, it cannot be updated. The error code here is 0x80070005. I did try all the suggestions what the MS site recommends - not one worked.

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Hi TaurArian,

Just a short follow up: The HD was the reason for my problem. I have noticed the constant run, but I thought that it is trying to fix the problem or it is the indexing. In any event, when I reformatted it, it did not responded for awhile and then half way onto the OS installation crashed. After multiple attempts to install the OS I concluded that it is a HD failure.

Again; thank you for your help, I just wanted you to know this.


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