Q: Zoo tycoon 2 extinct animals installation error: 1305. HELP!!!!!! This thread is locked from future replies

i try to install zoo tycoon 2 extinct animals and at the end of the installation bars progress a message pops up it reads:

error 1305. error reading from file D:\files\x210_000.z2f. verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

i have checked my programs files folder(x86) (windows7)and the file that it specifies is there and its not blocked as far as i can tell.

please help me install this new game a bought!!!!!!!!


Hi wateme11on,


You may refer to the below provided Microsoft article links and check if the steps provided assist you resolve the issue. The Microsoft articles do not directly apply to zoo tycoon 2 extinct animals but they do apply to the zoo tycoon 2 products so you may check if the steps assist you resolve the issue -


Hope this helps. Let us know the results.
Meghmala – Microsoft Support

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Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

Hi there Meghmala !

I have already looked at the first link and that is not the problem.

In the second link

method 1: didnt work

method2: didnt work: it kept saying that it was not a valid command and stuff

method 3: i am running on a laptop so there is no other drives to use

method 4: i have had that type of prob lem with other programs and know how to fix it, this is not happening with my current problem

method 5: i tried this to no avail.

method 6: zoo tycoon automatically installs the files and you cant choose the destination folder: probably because the game is an expansion pack.

method 7: all the files on the page to download didnt work, i had to run a few of them as admin but they just said that my computer doesnt need the update

method 8: this is the one im confused about. i downloaded the software and ran it and as the instructions said, i clicked 'remove' on the zoo tycoon 2. but a popup said that it would not work properly and i would have to reinstall all the versions. i dont want to do that. NEED REASSURANCE ON THIS ONE.

method 9: that is not the problem and i do have sufficient internet cnnection

method 10: i have done the instructions but still have to restart my computer.

method 11: i am in Australia.

the only thing that might seem to work is method 8 but i am worried about the fact that my game wont work properly.

thankyou for helping in the fist place but your answer didnt fix my problem.

do you have anything else in mind?


Waterme11on -desperate for game to work

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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