Q: Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike Gaming Controller compatibility

Can anybody please tell me if there is any progress made with regard to Windows 7 compatibility of the Dual Strike and its associated sidewinder software. I had it working fine in WindowsXP - even with SP3 installed !!

I have seen  the previous answer to this question which frankly - is sadly incorrect. Although the dual strike - (being a USB device) - does install automatically (sort of ) in windows 7 - it is NOT recognised when games are opened. I can not assign ANY of the buttons to actions from within the game set up menu (Dark Void game as a good example) that is to say - it doesn't work.

Furthermore - sure I can install the sidewinder software in compatibility mode - but thats where it ends. When I try to open sidewinder central to assign keystrokes to buttons - I get a message saying " there was a problem that may be due to low system resources - try closing other programs and try again. " Then when I try and close sidewinder - I get another message saying " Windows host process (Rundll32 ) has stopped working.

Now obviously a programmable games controller that -  a. games do not recognise and b. you cannot programme the keys - is sort of redundant isn't it.

I'm afraid changing the compatibilty settings either manually or using the troubleshooter has absolutely no effect.

Does anybody have a solution?

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


I have looked at all the links above - to no avail - I even found a Microsoft soutions webpage that said this game contoller was fine with windows 7

(obviously written by someone who hasn't even tried to use it).


The problem is that the Sidewinder game software is not compatible with windows 7 - even in compatibility mode, and therefore, the buttons cannot be programmed.

For anyone with the same problem - I have found a solution using 3rd party software called Xpadder - available at

( or just google Xpadder and you will find it. )


This allows all buttons to be programmed, works in Windows 7 and is a good replacement for the sidewinder software.


But why am I having to use 3rd party software???

It's such a shame isn't it - that Microsoft can't be bothered supporting their own products and that we have to spend hours and hours searching for 3rd party solutions.

I think this has tought me a lesson - and I will have to think very carefully before purchasing a microsoft product again.


Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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