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I had Dungeon Siege working on my last install of Windows Vista x64, but now it gives me this ATLCOMHelper Exception dialogue box with only the option to press OK. This box reapears about 10-20 times before it tells me to insert a CD, which is already in the drive. I have enabled administration rights, disabled visual themes, taken control of the install folder, changed the install folder, ran in compatability mode, and reinstalled several times before coming to the conclusion that I had no idea how to solve this problem. However, before reformatting, this was probably the only game that would not crash, and now it seems that it won't start, so I know it is compatable, under certain circumstances.



Strangely enough, I tried something that completely different and it worked. The solution to the ATLCOMHelper Exception is to not run it as an administrator. I was logged on as the administrator account at first, but once I logged onto a standard account, turned on xp compatability and disabled visual themes the game worked. I will see if any of your suggestion get it to work as an administrator though. I can't figure that out.

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