Q: Diablo 2 keeps asking for disk

I dont understand how i can get it to work, I want to play it so badly but it just keeps asking for the "Play Disk" and when i open and close the disk drive and click retry the message pops back can i get it to work?...without formatting my hard drive just to put XP on my comp.



This is a very old bug of the game that happened on older versions of Windows, too. The first thing I would ensure is having patch 1.12/1.13 installed which lets you play without any discs inserted (copy protection removed). You must copy all *.mpq files from the disc(s) to your harddrive, though. Unfortunately, even this doesn't help on some systems (the disc check itself seems broken). The next thing to try are the different compatibility modes of Windows 7 (right-click DiabloII.exe > Properties > Compatibility), try them all until one of them is working.

Suggestions from others include uninstalling and reinstalling the game, could be helpful in some cases. Also, mounting the discs into a virtual drive is worth a try, at least it will speed up the gameplay - but I tried it to solve the "insert play disc" problem, and that didn't go away.

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