Dead Rising 2 "cannot download the update" Error code: 0X800700B7

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I popped onto Dead Rising 2 ready to play the game again, until I get a request for an update. I enthusiastically click Yes, and the update fails to download. I can no longer play the game.

I have tried reinstalling Games For Windows Live, restarting the computer to no avail. I refuse to uninstall Dead Rising 2 since I do not want to wait five and a half hours just for it to not work all over again.

Ive looked at the FAQ on how to fix this and it seems the one and only solution did nothing to help. Any ideas?

Error code: 0X800700B7

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Hour of Malware begone replied on

I've finally found out how to fix it. It seems that GFWL does actually download the update file, but doesnt install it because it thinks that it didnt install it. To combat this I manually went into my XLive folder and found the cab file for Dead Rising 2, and ran the setup. It now works fine and I can play the game to my hearts content.
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