Q: Cannot play Combat Arms in Windows 7 - error GetDeviceCaps()

Original title: im try to fix combat arms/get device caps plz!!!!!!!!!

problem is that error keep saying get evice caps




·        Were you able to play the game before on Windows 7?


Combat arm is not compatible with Windows 7. Check the link mentioned below.


Step 1:

I would suggest you to play the game in compatibility mode and check whether you are able to play the game and save the game without any issues. Follow the steps mentioned in the article given below.

Make older programs run in this version ofWindows


Step 2:

I would suggest you to download the latest driver for the graphics card from the manufacturer’s website and install it on the system. Check the link mentioned below for further reference on how to update a driver.

Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly


Step 3:

Install DirectX 9 on the system and then try to play and check whether the issue is resolved. Check the link mentioned below.

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer


I would suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the game for further assistance. Check the link mentioned below.


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