Windows 8 Freezes, 16GB RAM

Hello, I have an ASUS G73 Laptop with 16GB RAM. I installed Windows 8 but at the screen where you choose the color and specify the system name, etc. it locks up solid. Cannot do anything. I have diagnosed this to the RAM being the issue.

 If I remove **ANY** two 4GB Sticks it boots fine (reading as 8GB RAM), but if I put in the other two 4GB sticks to make 16GB, Windows 8 freezes. This happened on the Consumer Preview, Release Preview and now the MSDN release. 

I have also tried Pro and Enterprise with the same results. Anyone experience this issue? 

This is a deal breaker for me as I'm an avid gamer and I also run a few VMs to work on various projects and absolutely need the RAM. I will add that Windows 7 x64 works perfectly fine with the RAM. I also ran a memtest86 and no errors found. Is this a BUG in Windows 8 or is there a simple fix somewhere? My BIOS is up to date.

I have resolved this by disabling BD-PROCHOT in my BIOS. The stock BIOS does not allow this so I edited the BIOS with AMIBCP Tool and made the option available.


I have been running 2 days without any freezes of any kind.


This seems to be a speed stepping issue/CPU state issue. The DisableDynamicTick hack did not work for me either.


You can do similar in software by using a program called: ThrottleStop, however, you need to be able to get into Windows 8 and install it without freezing.



Hopefully this will fix it for others, if you need your ASUS G73 BIOS modded, you can use this BIOS I created. I am not responsible for any dead motherboards due to a bad flash, but others have tested and are using it fine:


I've also unlocked a bunch of other BIOS features, but I would advise against playing with them. BD-PROCHOT is located under CPU Thermal Config.






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