Windows Update tile, desktop, tray or any kind of [useful] notification?

Carlos J. S. A. asked on


How do I enable Windows Update desktop notifications or a tile or something? There HAS to be a way. For Christ sake... If "Check for updates but let me choose..." option is selected, there is no alert if an update is available!


  1. It doesn't show you if there are new updates unless you check manually through Windows Update (no, I don't want it to "Install updates automatically").
  2. You loose important updates.
  3. You don't know if the computer has to be restarted.
  4. Unless I open the sign-in screen, I don't see updates at all. And since I use fingerprint reader, usually I won't see the sign-in screen!
  5. What I mean with tile is a "Live" tile. Or a desktop notification. Or a tray. Or a fliying monkey coming out of my USB port! Whatever that actually alerts the user that attention is required.
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