Windows update 2962407 disables my laptop audio

System info:
HP Laptop
Intel Core i3-3110M CPU @ 2.4GHZ
Realtek High Definition Audio
Windows 8


Recently I noticed that after a cold boot, my laptop no longer plays audio from any source. When I examine the speakers properties at Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Sound everything appears to be normal. Further examination of the Controller information properties indicates that the device is working properly, and all drivers are up-to-date.

However, when I attempt to test the speakers under the "advanced" tab in speaker properties, I get an error that "This device is being used by another application." I explored running processes in Task Manager and Process Explorer, but could not determine what application or process was causing this conflict.

          QUESTION: Is there an easy way to determine what applications or processes are currently using what devices?

          SUGGESTION: Is it possible for Windows to provide more information regarding such conflicts in user error messages? For example, if the error message had not only informed me that another application was using this device . . . but also identified it by name / process ID?

SOLUTION 1: I discovered that if I subsequently "restart" my laptop, the problem disappears. Which was slightly annoying. Essentially I would have to cold boot my laptop in the morning, and then immediately "restart" again if I wanted sound to work. If I "shut down" the laptop, and then power it on again, the problem returns.

SOLUTION 2: Not happy with solution 1, I began to wonder "why" this problem had just started recently. I've been using this laptop for a year now and never observed this before. I realized I had recently installed a number of Microsoft updates and suspected this might be the problem. After looking through the details on each of the updates I most recently installed, I realized that one of them, the Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012 update rollup: June 2014 update 2962407, purported to address an audio issue regarding "shortened battery life when an idle audio device is not turned off on a computer running Windows." (SEE

Since this appeared to be the only recent update which has anything to do with audio devices, I thought I'd try uninstalling update 2962407 and see if it resolved my issue.

Success! After uninstalling update 2962407 my laptop's audio began working normally again.

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Same thing started happening to my laptop about a week ago, after installing the same update (KB2962407). The problem was rectified after uninstalling the update.

System info:

Acer V3-571G

Intel Core i5-3210M CPU 2.5GHz


Realtek High Definition Audio

Windows 8 (NOT 8.1)

I am having the same problem with my audio following installing update KB2962407.  I have subsequently uninstalled this update.  My question; Is uninstalling update KB2962407 placing my computer at risk?    Also, is anyone aware whether or not a fix for this deficiency will be out soon? 

When you say "placing my computer at risk", I presume you mean in terms of its security. Given that Microsoft has stated the following on the update page:


"This update rollup package includes performance and reliability improvements. We recommend that you apply this update rollup as part of your regular maintenance routines."

and viewing the list of issues that follows, I doubt that there is anything to worry about security-wise.


i got similar problem

after update, sound card will stop playing sound

i uninstalled kb 2962407 and all it's working fine

It's an Asus s56cb with windows 8

no problem on my desktop pc

I had the same issue with the update.We uninstalled the update and it was ok.Then 2 days later the update automatically proceeded.Now the problem is back..No sound

This is because the update is now import and not optional

Please we have to know how to manually reverse its effects on audio

Once again uninstall KB 2962407.  Go to "Start", "Windows Update" and manually check for updates.  You will notice that KB 2962407 again appears.  Uncheck the block and right click on KB 2962407.  Click on "Hide Update".  This will stop KB 2962407 from being installed with future updates.      
I know this solution but the update is important now and that means Microsoft has no other option for the update bugs
i had the same problem but then with update KB2973201. i removed it several times, but my laptop kept installing it. this update was essential. it turns out it is essential, for onscreen keyboards on tablets! at this point, i'm no longer updating automaticly. since last night, i have to give permission to update and i'll say what to update. by now, my audio is working nice again.
Just do what the post below says.I did and all works fine

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