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What is going on with Windows Store? 'Sorry, this app is no longer available' KB2862768 August update Bug

dingl_ asked on

Please see the attached GIF/video to see what I'm talking about.. In the last few days with no changes
made to my PC I've seen the 'Sorry, this app is no longer available' Error, and it is some kind of Bug
because I can get the app to appear using the method seen in the video

So, whats up with the Store? Is something broken on either Microsoft's end or my own? Is anyone else
having this issue. Mostly this happens when I click links to apps on External sites like WinBeta or
Neowin etc tho I have seen it happen Searching for apps in the Store app itself. To reproduce find
an external link to an app .. click it, if the Store finds the app without issue close the Store app without
returning to the Store(Home) section. Find another app link and click it

I've just been waiting for a Fix to come along Server side.. as I'm fairly sure I did not change anything,
Store had been working fine for the most part since Win8 Launch

I Recorded an updated video, a better example of the Issue I'm having

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dingl_ replied on

For anyone still paying attention to this KB problem, after installing ALL other updates for this Patch Tuesday 10 Sept 13(all installed without issue), I went back and restored KB2862768 which I believe initially was Optional, it is now marked as Important


So I've now got KB2862768 installed and this Windows Store issue seems to be gone, I assume

Msft has now fixed this issue, I have every update available installed both optional and important etc

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