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Installed Metro App, Tile Blank / Invisible / Non-interactable

Jeremy Vyska asked on

I had setup a non-administrative account.  Logged into the new profile, went to the store.  I installed a variety of apps, including Cut The Rope.  However, on that user's start menu, the 1x2 tile where CTR should be is oddly blank.  If I move other apps around, the blank/invisible tile moves around as if it's there.


Because I cannot click or right click on it, I can't seem to uninstall it to reinstall it.  If I search in Apps for "cut", it shows one result.  If I just hit "enter", it opens the App.


How do I fix the dead tile? There appears to be no option to reinstall from the Store.  When I go into the Store under that user, I can go (via charms, Accounts) to the View Your Apps.  It's in that list, but I can't select any apps on that list to delete or install.

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briguy992 replied on

Suffering this same issue. The mail, calendar, people, etc are "installed" but I can't see them or open them. Also, in the start screen preview when I over in the bottom left, there are all black tiles where they used to be.


I believe this started happening since I installed new AMD drivers, so I'm going to attempt to revert to older drivers which didn't have this issue.


*Edit* Okay, I found a workaround. First, open Powershell as an Administrator (right click the tile and its an option at the bottom app bar). Then, type in this command:


Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers

This will get a list of all of the apps on your machine. Look for microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps in this list.


Next, use this command


Remove-AppxPackage FullPackageNameHere


Replace "FullPackageNameHere" with the FullPackageName entry from the previous command. It's going to look something like this (but yours may possibly be different!): microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_16.2.3258.308_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe


Then you're done! They are now uninstalled, and you can now reinstall them from the store.

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