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I am planning to lease new life to my 7 yr old PC by upgrading its components (CPU/Mobo/RAM) next month. (Actually I was waiting for new CPU being released by Intel, but they have postponed it till June end). I do have legal Windows XP 32-bit OEM license on my current PC and I am tempted to upgrade it to Windows 8 on new PC due to current low price offer. Questions are:


1. Can I buy the Windows 8 Pro upgrade license from Microsoft Store now for $39.99 and utilize it for upgrade, when my new PC build is ready in the next month? 


2. If I buy Windows 8 upgrade license with current offer before 31-Jan, can I install (upgrade) & activate Windows 8 license after 31-Jan?


3. My current OS (Windows XP) is 32-Bit. I would like to upgrade it to 64-bit version of Windows 8. Can I do that? I have read that if I download the .iso file (using the link provided by Microsoft after purchasing) from a PC having 64-bit OS (like Windows 7 or 8 64-bit), it will download 64-bit version of it. Is it true?


4. Can I run Upgrade Assistant on my current PC, purchase Windows 8 license and install/upgrade it on new PC build?


Please respond as soon as possible as it will help me to take next steps.


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