Window 8 Pro Crashing due to Kernel-Power Event 41 error

I upgraded my desktop machine from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro.
My machine started crashing (BSOD equivalent) randomly and often.
Looking at the crash dump data (and event viewer), theses Win8 crashes are a result of "Kernel-Power" (*Event 41) error.
Due to the lack of any related information on the nature and rectification of this Kernel-Power event/error, I had to assume that it may be related the power supply rails that are feeding the processor (or the Win8 kernel).
My Windows 7 Ultimate was rock solid and NEVER crashed.
Thus, I must make another assumption that the problem is NOT with my hardware but the fault may be caused buy an aggressive Vcc polling internal to the kernel of Windows 8 Pro. 
To confirm this assumption, I was able to reinstall Win7 [ty Acronis] from an image previously made before Win8 upgrade.
Windows 7 NEVER crashed before installing Window8.  When I reinstalled back Windows 7 from an image, it still does NOT crash.

My third assumption is that this BSOD is NOT related to my hardware nor Windows 7. 
I actually went as far as testing (under load) my power supply (Antec NeoPower 550) rails and the PS is rock solid, as indicated with proper operation of Win7 but NOT under Win8.

Some additional testing has indicated that if I continuously playback movies in the background, Window 8 DOES NOT crash at all.
I don't think this is the type of resolution to this problem that I am seeking.
I will continue to blame Windows 8 for this problem as neither my Antec power supply nor Windows 7 is at the heart of the problem.
I also have a sneaky suspicion that this problem is not going to be resolved anytime soon.
But one can only hope that someone may assist with this problem.
Greets, 512f
I have the same hassle on a clean install win 8 pro 64 bit. Random freezes to the new screen of death :( even that crashes says it is collecting info but just sits on 0% so have to hold the power but in to shut down. My system was rock solid under win 7 ultimate, I have slowed the speed down to see if that would make it a bit more stable but no luck I am on a X58 chipset with a xeon W3670 hex core CPU 12 gigs of ram  raid hard drives they have been what I thought was the problem as had a lot of corruption on some of the crashes very upset with this I think that this OS is not fit for purpose I will write to trading standards about this. but I think that Microsoft can get away with this as its a licence not a real thing. well I don't like the desktop, aero was nice, this looks like a cheep 2D desktop from a bygone age. and my backup wont load from win 7 so I have to waste a day of my life reinstalling wish I had a mac. Best wishes to all that share this pain DK

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