Unstable desktop: Windows 8 and Acer W500

Acer W500 Iconica Tablet
Original title: Sorry for the Large Post This was sent to Acer

I recently purchased this tablet after reading the reviews when Windows 8 was installed on the W500.


I firstly set the tablet up using windows 7 downloaded the updates SP1 and then installed Windows 8 Pro 32bit had to remove a lot of software to get this to run I had an issue with the installation clearing the Old Windows 7 Files had to repeat this (using recovery Discs) and windows 8 installed again after experiencing problems This time I removed the Old windows files in windows 8. Every thing was working well.

I then had a further issue with an unstable desktop when launching applications such as Chrome, Control Panel and any thing that launched in this manor, I had tried to get the screen rotation to work so I had updated the VGA ATI/AMD, Blue tooth, Wireless LAN from the Acer site which are recommended after up grade to 8 used there scan tool to identify the required drivers. Also the G sensor , Device control and rotation lock as reported by many W500 users to get the rotation working. Applications that launch in the metro screen seem to be stable no issue here I say lunch in the metro screen as I do not see the desk top before these launch unlike the others ?.

I tried to recover the unit back to Factory settings again but using the recommend procedure would not work so I reinstalled windows 8 in windows 8 telling it to keep nothing so not an up-grade ?.

It took about 45 minutes did all the updates installed my software customised the metro screen then started to install the Acer recommended driver so I have installed VGA ATI/AMD G sensor and Launch Manager which seems to have replaced Device controller in the applications list ? But I am still having this issue with the unstable desktop from time to time if I touch the screen when this occurs it seems to stabilize this ? But still no screen rotation. I have not installed the following drivers Wireless LAN or Blue tooth which are all working and I can turn them off or on I have also not installed the rotation blocker.

So I am at a bit of a loss as what I should do next The device seems quite stable some times, but I turned the unit on again and the keyboard fail to launch, restarting launched the keyboard sometimes the key board symbol on the keyboard flashes in and out with a clicking sound ?. I have also noticed an opaque semi circle flashing in the bottom left corner of the screen when this happens ?


I have got the rotation working and what is in your current list is a bit misleading you have to go to windows 7 to get the applications required which are Device Controller, not Launch Manager as listed in Windows 8 Upgrade list. then G-sensor and Auto Screen Rotation Blocker.

I have not Installed Blue tooth or Wireless LAN as they seem to be working in Windows 8 able to switch them on or off .

The only issue is this Instability It did occur when searching in Goggle Last night I am soak testing the unit to day to see when this occurs and in what applications and weather it might be Wifi LAN issue. Have used tools within Windows 8 called View Reliability History which is a quite sophisticated Monitor To Launch this go into Search and type Reliability Monitor and lunch application it will give you a list of sources, applications, summary, date and Action required I had two critical events which are Microsoft Windows installer stopped working and Install Script Set-up Launcher stopped working with check for solution so I checked for solution an none found (Error Reported!) I will pass this issue on to Microsoft



I ran the W500 for about an hour yesterday and then on and off during the day the stability issue did not appear until later in the day so it is still there I did a video and can confirm that when this instability occurs it can be stopped by touching the screen  which then Launches AMD VISION Engine Control Centre  when you stop touching the screen the instability returns and AMD VISION Engine Control Centre disappears.


I have only installed Apparatus from the Windows Store  and have two other applications from a Third party all are compatible with windows 8 they are


1 Kaspersky Internet Security 2013


2 TuneUp 2013


I installed the following to get the Screen Rotation to work.


G-Sensor, AMD update, Auto Screen Rotation Blocker, Device Control and Launch Manager which was in your Applications list under windows 8 Upgrade it was not there before its a new addition ?.


I am at a total loss as what to do next other than a reinstallation of windows 8 and start all over again. I tried to upload the video on to your support site but it was obviously to big, do you want me to send it to you by post, I need to get this issue sorted out, the tablet has to be turned off each time this happens and it is quite difficult do this when this issue occurs, do you think the Unit is Faulty ? should I send it to your service Department for a Warranty repair have sent you a copy of the purchase Order for Prof of purchase the unit is only less than two Months old.


Can anybody suggest what I can do to resolve this issue SORRY FOR THE LONG POST I THOUGHT IT BE BETTER TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD  DONE to tray and get the unit to function.I have not had a reply from acer yet other than ongoing.










Glad to hear that the issue is resolved!


Your efforts to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.

Feel free to post your query here on Microsoft Community Forums, we will be more than happy to assist you.





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