This key didn't work. Please check it and try again.

davemanvell asked on
Bought Windows 8 at the store today and a new hard drive to install it on. Went to install it and it installed fine. When i went to install it it asked for the product key which i gave it. it took it with no issues.

now that windows 8 is up I go into the settings and the first option is to activate windows 8. I click it and it asks for the product key. i type it in again and it says "this key didn't work. please check it and try again, or try a different key."

Why won't the same key I just typed in and used work? I have tried it several times to make sure I have no typos.

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TimLambert replied on

Are you really going to type that as a response and not tell us what the registry setting was? Really?
Found it:


Change MediaBootInstall from 1 to 0

Run the following a command prompt with elevated rights:
slmgr /rearm


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