I Hate Windows 8

Windows 8 Metro UI is garbage on a desktop.  This needs to be for tablets and touchscreen devices only.  

Everytime I have to find the desktop tile it pushes me closer to madness.  Stop with the tiles.  They are useless on a PC.  Get back to your roots and stop trying to catch up with smartphones and tablets on a PC!!!!!  The two do not even correlate.  Why would you pump out this impossible to use interface for anything else but a touchscreen.  I love the new patches but you need an only desktop version of WIN8.

Please listen to the consumer or i will have to be forced, along with almost anyone else who knows how to do anything else besides check the latest picture of someones dinner on facebook, to go to APPLE!!!


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I feel the same way. It amazes me that a product like this would be pushed on us, and then not try to resolve the issue. It is like we are being told it is our fault for a crappy product.
You can't find your desktop tile?  You only need to find it once, then you'll never see the tiles again.  Just stay in the desktop and use all your normal Windows 7 programs the way you always have, no problem.
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I agree, this program is for the birds.  I was doing just find with an older version, until we were forced to upgrade to this crappy program.  The part I hate is when you try to go back and forth between web pages.  The tiles definitely need to come off, or at least give us the option to choose using the tiles or the old way until maybe a person gets use to using the tiles.  They are really pushing it this time! Ugh!

I agree that the new Metro UI is optimized and designed for touchpads and tablets.

I also feel similar about the new O.S.

Luckily I bough win8 pro in the offer at about $60.00, so I didn`t pay the new price.

I really hate the way ms follows.

Apple -for instance- has Mac for desktop, iPad for tablet etc.

Why Microsoft can`t have 2-3 fully-integrated O.S.?


Always updates "that can fix an issue", repair toolkits, refresh by loosing all your purchased desktop apps, need to pay for repair etc.


That`s enough. I had Vista (awful experience), then Windows 8 preview (it was in good way), but the final is awful.

First of all, "Windows 8 is not Windows", as I read in a blog and I agree with it.

Secondly, they launched the product without having it finished.


The PC Settings is almost useless, the Metro UI requires explorer.exe to run.

The desktop is set to the background, as a simple app, after all those years being the basic interface.

Windows Explorer is more easily affected by other processes and I feel like being controlled by the computer, not that I am the controller.

No there are 2 UIs. That`s horrible.


I think I `ll get back to WinVista or start using Linux or follow Apple`s vision.


Ahh, to don`t forget: Microsoft has no data and info organized to be accessible from people who are interested. Everybody should think again about Microsoft Windows.


There may be technologies and features, but by affecting the Desktop UI they `ll gone.


Desktop can`t leave this way.


And Windows 8.1 will not fix this.

If they want a single O.S, they should give you the option to Choose:

1. Desktop UI, where even Windows Store apps will be optimized for Desktop

2. Metro UI, for those who need the new UI

3. Both Desktop & Metro, similar to Windows 8/8.1preview


Of course no bugs or other stupid cases designed to let you "pay more to do less", or other Microsoft strategies, like win repair kit etc.

Microsoft should know how to support what they do and fix the problems they design and promote.


They present a secure, stable, customizable product and you run on a stupid, harmful, time-loss operating system.

I don`t understand what they think they save when many customers are getting disappointed of changes like "they read our comments and try to improve windows", when we get even more disappointed of what we get.


For me, Windows means: I can always control my pc, I have to repair issues myself, updates & "fixes", Desktop, optimization.

Windows 8 means: NO WINDOWS, Useless, Stupid and unorganized, no-completed, just pay to lose or "Great to do less", even more troubles, "improved features" etc.


It`s horrible enough to make sb very angry about what Microsoft promotes: Controlled environment, controlling you and your feelings. Where is the smooth corners around windows? where now are the | final, imposing corners.

Why the new UI is around boxes and lines, no circles or the false "3D" StartScreen background?

It shows an end, that what you see, ends here. They may help privacy and security between you and Microsoft, because they want to get your info themselves. No other costs.

Promoting sth spectacular when it is a stupid thing you can replace by sth more stable.

For example, microsoftstore.com is hosted by a third-party company. Doesn`t Microsoft have enough employees to set it up by itself? No external costs.

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Windows 8 has caused me problems ever since I got my hp PC December 2012. The cursor is ALL over the place. Please release the tested desktop version of the Windows 8.1 fix.
It's good to know I'm not the only one who feels less-than-charitable about Windows 8.

I use my computer to earn a living as a site admin/webmaster. My custom-built XP machine, which I truly loved, bit the dust after seven years of loyal service. I needed to get up and running quickly, so I bought an off-the-shelf computer (ugh) that had Windows 8 (which I didn't want). Little did I know what I was getting into.

For the past week, I've been tearing my hair out trying to use it. The thing is a train wreck. My productivity has taken a real nosedive. I am not happy, and neither is my boss.

I've been around since Windows 3.1, so I'm not a novice. I've never seen such a mess as Windows 8.

The first thing I did after seeing the horrifying start page was get a start menu. What a relief.

After almost a week, I finally discovered how to stop the left-screen/right-screen flyouts from constantly hitting me in the face when I unwittingly put my pointer in the wrong place. Those things are incredibly annoying.   

Windows 8 hasn't retained all of my settings. For instance, after I spent considerable time setting up custom sounds, they worked for awhile then went back to their default settings. And it doesn't matter how many times I set folders to display List view. They always revert back to huge icons. 

Forget about customizing the display. Like a fool I followed Microsoft's instructions and ended up with a high-contrast setting I'm unable to turn off. This has resulted in every web page I view in both IE and Firefox displaying a solid white background. It looks awful.

I've spent literally hours searching for a way to get web page backgrounds back. I've found nothing that works.

Things have been slip-sliding all over the place. When I tried to assign icons from an old Windows theme to three of my desktop items, for example, the items disappeared. I've searched for help with this and found none.

Since I started trying to use Windows 8, I've spent more time unsuccessfully looking for help than I've spent doing anything else. There's definitely something wrong with this picture.

I could go on, but I suppose there's no point in it. Windows 8 has been a disaster for me and nothing I can say will change that. The best I can do at this point is to warn others away.

I'm very, very disappointed in Microsoft for doing this to Windows users..

Just an update here. I've lost my custom cursors for a second time. I did nothing that could have caused this. I haven't changed any settings, rebooted or done anything else. I haven't touched a single thing. My cursors just spontaneously reverted back to default all by themselves.

And I'm still gazing at web pages with solid white backgrounds and missing graphics. I continue to find no help in getting a decent display back. Oh, and open windows are spontaneously and arbitrarily minimizing themselves now. This, when I'm touching neither keyboard nor mouse, but merely trying to look at something.   

This inability to retain settings and the performance of actions without any input from me just screams instability.

I've almost reached the breaking point with Windows 8, which is making it impossible for me to do my job and earn a living. I've wrestled with it for a solid week and things just keep getting worse.

Shame on you, Microsoft. What you've done is unforgivable.

I believe that Microsoft should discuss and choose where to focus. Touch or Desktop or both (optional), Personalization, Optimization, Administration, Full-Access or just personalization, controlled-access, Windows or Metro?.

They should focus on one platform (or more) IF THEY CAN SUPPORT FULL-FEATURES FOR ALL PLATFORMS. For example, if I need Desktop, they should set up a mode of Windows Apps which will run on Desktop. WinStore etc. will be fully-available.

If I need Metro, they should make all features and advantages of Desktop available to Metro.

On the other hand, If I want to use both, they should make a runtime environment like Windows 8 available.

And if they want to succeed they should provide you the interface option from the Setup.

For me, this would be the best choice.


A stable, flexible Windows 7 interface running as Windows 8, a complete Metro -touch-optimized experience- interface and a Desktop-Metro option, the way Windows 8.1 preview does.


I know that Microsoft is close-code developer and can`t work like freeware (as Linux), but can offer too many advantages to Windows because provides full-access to the administrator of a PC. and that`s why Microsoft succeeded.  If they publish fully-completed products(like WinXP, Win7) they can be the best. But when I buy Windows Vista, Windows 8 I can`t stand it. A horrible experience just because not completed!


Microsoft hears, but doesn`t understand. They should focus on all of our posts and opinions to offer to us -the Windows users and fans- the best experience if they really want to have us waiting outside the shops to buy a new Microsoft product.


It`s true that Microsoft knows how to offer a great service, and when to do it, but they don`t. They push to us incomplete projects. It`s a shame Microsoft goes this way. They should wake up their minds and see what`s new. Not if a smartphone O.S. can run bot on PC, tablet or phone!

They should get a "screenshot" of others: Apple has one Desktop UI and others for iPad, iPhone etc.

Why Windows should be useless for Desktops? After a vision of 20+ years Mouse, Keyboards and Desktop gets out? The option of the 3 different UI designs would be the best option for me, but I feel like they `re turning on a way "Windows are dead. Tiles destroyed their power provider and people "must" get addicted/digitalized to follow the new era. Looks horrible that who? Microsoft doesn`t offer what it should. It never did. They just got on top without doing more.


Microsoft, hear us. We are using what you do. We know something.



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Microsoft does not care about its customers. The whole purpose of windows 8 is as a marketing tool. They want everyone who buys a computer to use Microsoft for everything from cloud services to, of course, software, which is designed to feed all of your information to Microsoft, so they can target you for more goods and services. Take a simple look at Windows 8. How long would it take you to figure out how to do something as simple as turning your laptop off? Does it look like the primary concern of those who designed windows 8 was making it easy to use? No. Their sole focus was marketing, which is why they shipped this piece of garbage OS even before it was actually finished. Windows 8.1 will be no better, because those controlling MS are too arrogant to listen to, or care about, what users actually want. The only people who like Windows 8 are people who primarily use computers for facebook, music and to watch youtube. For those of use who actually use a computer to do work, Windows 8 is a complete nightmare, which grinds productivity to a halt. I used to love Microsoft. Now I absolutely despise the company for trying to ram this piece of **** down our throats. I am working on getting new PCs with Linux.

I also used to like any of Microsoft`s releases because they weren`t as controlled as others.

With Windows Desktop I could get organized more easily, without being controlled from the O.S., or even worst from the company`s strategy, without knowing were my data could been. Windows 8 is not completed, published just to show Microsoft if they could succeed in controlling their customers and create a completely tracking system. We don`t know what`s getting around and it`s a shame showing this after Windows 7!

They should have not changed the UI for PCs and tablets. If they wanted Metro, they could follow Windows Phone. Now, they want to connect Phone to PC! How is that possible?

The same O.S. running on 4inch and offers not as many as a PC of 15+inch can now support both? How is that happening?


I `ll give a try to Windows 8.1 for entertainment, and that`s because I have PAYED THIS DISASTER.

And, I `ll turn to Linux for work. It`s free and offers no less than a PC of Microsoft. When you pay, you need more, no less.


They should improve their policies, otherwise I see Windows sold for free, creating an other software, similar to Linux`s releases.


They must improve what they have. We know Microsoft and we buy Microsoft. That`s the point they focus on. They present sth great, modern and you see the useless and stupid Vista. Again Windows8.

Only Windows XP, Windows 7 were complete O.S. with what we need from Microsoft: No security tracking what we do, no 2nd UI, experience Windows and not "Windows".


I am now downloading Ubuntu, Xubuntu etc. to see what fits my purposes.

Ahh, even further, Ubuntu can be installed in external hard drives, USB`s in all editions.

also, they run from the installation media, without affecting the system.

More features with less equipment, without the need of buying and buying new devices with heavy costs.

Pay for Windows Enterprise, has more features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



See, Microsoft has opened Stores again for "Windows 8.1 devices" after opening "Windows 8 devices".

The same vision, buy and buy. You like it, buy it. You don`t like it, buy it. No comments, not accepted.


What else? Aren`t all these enough to make sb change his mind about Microsoft?????

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