Downgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7 Pro for FREE?

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I have a Windows 8 Computer and I don't like the UI. I tried Win8.1 and still i did not like it. So i believe you can downgrade to Win7 pro for free but i am not sure if my computer is pro. I did a internet search and it said look at this 
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Did Windows 8 Pro come preinstalled on the computer or not?


You will first need to go to the manufacturers website for your model computer and first find out if there are Windows 7 native drivers available. A lot of computers that come preloaded with Windows 8 do not have native driver support for Windows 7 by the manufacturer. If there are no native drivers, you will have to consider returning the machine and purchasing a machine preloaded with Windows 8 Pro with downgrade rights to Windows 7 Professional. Or look through the manufacturers catalogue for systems already preloaded with Windows 7, usually the business line will have these options.




Return the laptop if it came preloaded with Windows 8 and purchase one already preloaded with Windows 7, they are still available:



How to downgrade:,2817,2417359,00.asp



Backup before you reinstall Windows 7:



Consider dual booting (credit JW Stuart MVP):




Additional information:



Since you want to downgrade to Windows 7 to meet the business requirement, you may refer this article and check if it helps.


Understanding downgrade rights



Consumer versions of Windows 8 Pro that come preinstalled on PCs have downgrade rights to a previous version of Windows (example: Windows 7, Windows Vista).

If your copy came pre-installed on your system, you may downgrade your copy to Windows 7.

If not you need purchase a copy of Windows 7 and install the same on your computer.

• Downgrade rights are only available for licenses obtained through OEM or Volume Licensing (VL) and not apply to Full version (FPP).

• OEM downgrade rights apply to Windows 8 Pro and allows for downgrades up to two prior version

• Software Assurance through VL (Volume licensing) provides the greatest flexibility, allowing for downgrades to all prior versions and editions besides Windows 7 Ultimate and Vista Ultimate editions.Without Software Assurance coverage, VL has downgrade rights to prior versions of Windows with the exception of Enterprise.

• It is not possible for a Windows 8 copy with multi-language function to downgrade to Windows 7 Pro or Windows XP Pro as multi language function is exclusive to Windows 7 Enterprise edition and not available for Professional edition.



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