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I'm trying to install the MSKLC 1.4 in my laptop, which operates with windows 8, but it is not working. The program was successful installed, but no layout appears on the screen. I mean, I can not visualize the keyboard when I choose it, as it should happens like in Windows Vista and so on. Has someone problem like that?
By the way I'm using an ASUS N56VZ-S4016H
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Create the system restore point just in case.

Run the Keyboard Layout Creator     v1.4

Create the new layout and than  press  "Project"  —> "Build DLL & Setup Package".

I think You have done it.

Go to your layout build directory.

Find  the setup file  and run it.

If setup was successful  you can see

You must  log-out now and  log-in in your user profile.

The new keyboard layout  has installed.

Go to language options and add the new layout.

Try  to type something.

But there is no preview of it. 

Run the regedit  program.

Open   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts

Find something like  a0000405.

Look into this key. Is this the description of the new keyboard layout?

If yes, then remember the name on the off-chance  

and change the name of the key  to 00030405. Save changes.

Go to language options and look at the preview of the your new layout.

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