Microsoft pushing update KB2976978 against my will

I am pretty furious about how Microsoft is PUSHING this update AGAINST MY WILL.


On 5-10 I found my PC switched off mysteriously. When I restarted, it went updating something.


This was already INFURIATING as I did not know WHAT was happening, I had not PERMITTED to do automatic updates, I did not know if I WANTED that update, and I had not chosen the MOMENT of updating. At the moment I could not find out what had happened.


Later on I discovered it was KB2976978, again! Again, because it had already been installed before, and had already been very ANNOYING, as it had heavily been collecting data. So I had already UNINSTALLED it, and had already HIDDEN it.


So, that is even MORE infuriating, reinstalling something that I had deliberately removed.


Today I noticed and optional update. Guess what, it was KB2976978 a third time!


What the ####?!


Do NOT DO that!


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To make things even WORSE: when trying to uninstall the damn thing again, I got the message : 'Update KB2976978 is required and cannot be uninstalled.'!