Windows 8 Touch Usability (feedbacks here)

I am so disappointed with Windows 8 and Office OneNote 2013.


When I try saving any files from an windows app, there isn't a "new folder" button, and the saving interface is very simple and not totally functional. I can't select many files and there isn't any way of doing it in a tablet, because the touch functions are very simplified.

There isn't any significant usability improvements.


I have 10 touch points on my tablet. Microsoft should have implemented efficient touch features.

you could have implemented multitouch multi-object selection. The best way of doing it in my opinion would be:

Just after the first touch selected (still holding the finger) click in other desired objects, and while there is still a finger holding the screen, there still can be selected more items. You can even apply this rule while keep scrolling with other finger the folder or object.


The RIGHT CLICK could be done by clicking in the desired object with one finger and while still holding that finger, clicking with other finger in somewhere close to the object (in a specific radius area (for example: inner the 3cm radius of the finger that tapped the object or point in the screen)). Samsung thought about it in my Samsung slate series 7 tablet with windows 7. As you have created the Touch Api functionality, you should have cared most about how could improve the multi-touch tablets usability and not samsung.

now I'm running windows 8 and have to tap and hold instead of tap and click with a second finger in a closer radius of my finger tap.


there should have a THREE FINGER object moving feature to enable page flipping where one finger flip isn't supported. (where one finger flip isn't supported? in some map applications, old games such as Microsoft Age Of Mithology. Try playing this game in a tablet without a keyboard, only with your fingers and the touchscreen, I wish could flip the scenario with three fingers like you can flip a page in internet explorer with one)



Just to finish, some other issues I have found:


Text selection could be done the same way of Android or IOS does.

Text scroll could be also allowed to be done with two fingers when desired to move horizontal and vertical ways at the same time.


New metro style app system can be put aside with windows desktop. BUT what if I downloaded a calculator app and I want to use it along with a desktop application with my tablet in the PORTRAIT mode?

What if I want to use Office One Note to do some handwriting calculations and use a calculator app to do some math. (not in landscape but in portrait mode)? I can't. I have to open a desktop application of a calculator.

You should enable users to use multiple app windows and being able to be placed inner the desktop also as an windowed app. Zoom in and zoom out would be pleasing features also.


The start button toolbar have a "share" button. That button doesn't share almost nothing.

you should enable many kinds of sharing, to many kinds of different applications. I wish I could share a screenshot or a selected text from my browser or from my onenote to other applications, or social networks. Or even a file could be shared, by email or other application software.


The preferred wireless networks isn't available in Windows 8 anymore.


About the Microsoft Office OneNote 2013


My handwriting used to be thicker without pressure sensitivity. wish could create a pen without pressure sensitivity or at least set it to a thicker than 0.25 mm or maybe control how thick will be the maximum thickness of a pen.

Several times the OneNote paper starts to blink in white color. and writing becomes to be very slow and delayed. it happens after having some issue with canvas refreshing. the canvas doen't refresh properly and some part of the text is cropped and repeated, after that the handwriting becomes very slow.. (the processor use doesn’t increase.. so there is nothing to be with processor. this issue seems to happen when I'm writing and accidentally zoom in/out due the fact that my palm is touching the touchscreen before I place the pen to write. So the canvas refresh starts failing and it seems to happen. If I set the zoom to 100% it seems to properly refresh the canvas back but the pen will still seem handwrite slow. (this all happened in my Samsung slate series 7 tablet pc). The previous office was perfect.


The previous OneNote writing provides me a much faster writing (scratching) response, with almost no delay.

Sometimes it looses the sense of space where I am writing, and the next words will be saved in another place (kind of a canvas effect issue)

I wish I could share some of my local stored notebooks (or synchronized ones) in SkyDrive in a way they could keep synchronized in SkyDrive. Sometimes I wanted to share some notebooks with a friend and wish he could have the updated version of it. 

When I open a file (pdf for example) that is inside a OneNote page, I cannot choose which application do I want to use to open it. And I had also to take a screen clipping of the file but the file is not visible in desktop because it's open with the Windows 8 Reader App, which works in other background while I try to capture it in the screen clipping. Also the Reader app and most other apps have no option of taking a screen clipping. And I also cannot open multiple pdf's in reader application.



The Microsoft Company used to be creative and innovative. Now you just seems to be moving a step behind the demand. Just doing enough to keep in the market.


There are so many other issues to talk about but these are the most relevant and should really be taken seriously.


I really hope someone could forward this constructive feedback to Microsoft.

Thank you in advance,

Willian Mainieri


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