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tutubearQV asked on
I am using a 1 month old Toshiba laptop, running Windows 8 (upgraded from Windows 7, which was installed when purchased)
Until now, everything was working fine, but today, the mouse pointer just froze while browsing the internet.
I restarted the laptop(eventually after working out the keyboard shortcuts), and now the mouse pointer does not appear at all - I can only control things from the keyboard - which is very difficult.
When I shut down the laptop(the first time, with the frozen pointer), it installed updates, and when it came back on it configured those updates - so maybe this is something to do with it?
Please help - thank you!
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tutubearQV replied on

Thanks for your reply - it is much appreciated.
I have, however, recently resolved the problem - and the solution is a little embarrassing - but I'll share it here for the benefit of anyone else with the same issue.
Quite simply, one of the function keys on the laptop has a 'switch the mouse pointer on or off' feature.  This is something I have never seen before, despite having used laptops since they were practically first available.
On my particular laptop (Toshiba Satellite L855) the F5 key does this.  It has a picture which is hardly identifiable as a mouse with a line through it.
Press this (or press FN+F5 depending on you configuration), and hey presto... the cursor returns.
Thanks again - and hope this helps someone else.

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Opalamba replied on

Thanks for sharing your experience. It worked for me. FN + F9 for Asus.


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