Q: Cannot change the two-finger reverse scrolling setting on Acer Aspire Synaptics ClickPad V8.1


I just got an Acer Aspire (great device) with the unintuitive two finger scrolling on the Synaptics ClickPad V8.1, so I wanted to reverse it. I went to the Synaptics Touchpad settings and then went to the settings on the two-finger scrolling, but could only check/uncheck the first two at the top (Enable Vertical and Enable Horizontal) - the rest was just gray and couldn't be clicked. 

Have set everything back to default and even created new profiles to see if I could then change it, but to no avail. Do I maybe not have the (administrator) rights to change it? I have pre-installed Windows 8 running. 

Kindly advise, and I thank the community in advance. 




I found the resolution on a post regarding another model Acer laptop.  It's real simple, though I had technical support at acer prepared to elevate my support status to level-2.

1.) Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse

2.) On "Device Settings" tab, Click "Settings" button

3.) Under "Additional Features," deselect "Zoom Perfect."

What features were previously unavailable for adjustment (e.g. Two-Finger Scrolling, Pinch Zoom, etc.) are now available to be adjusted.

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