BSOD with Memory_Management error when connecting external hard drive

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I have an ASUS all-in-one about a year old with Windows 8.  About a week ago, I got the BSOD with Memory_Management error and OS was never able to recover.  After trying several system restores with no luck, I unplugged my external hard drive and the OS booted up normal.  I checked the hard drive on another computer and it worked fine.  I tried a different external hard drive on my ASUS and as soon as the OS detected it, I got the BSOD again.  I tried other USB ports with the external hard drive and same result.  I tried a thumb drive in the USB ports and it worked fine.  Need help please as I can no longer back up my files.
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Patrick Barker replied on

This is a very strange issue if every other device USB related is working, but the HDD is not. Have you checked for a firmware update for the HDD from the manufacturer + ensured your USB drivers on the computer it crashes are fully up to date from the manufacturers website (not Windows update or Device Manager)?


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