Q: Problems with AVG SECURITY and WINDOWS 8

Since installing Windows 8 Pro, the operating system is not recognizing my AVG Internet Security 2013, and keeps red flagging that both Windows and

AVG Security are turned off.

When I try and activate AVG, nothing happens. The AVG Control Centre is showing that my computer is fully protected, and all systems are working 


As a temporary measure, I can switch off all the Windows monitoring, or activate Windows Firewall and Defender. I am presently running with the latter.


I worked for quite a while with AVG support staff, who were extremely helpful, but we have done all the checking we can. Their view is that it is a

Windows 8 problem, because it was working perfectly under Windows 7 Home Premium, and I agree.


I would be extremely grateful if anyone can shed any light on my problem.


Regards Hugh Parker My prime email address is *** Email address is removed for privacy ***





I had this problem too. I searched and searched for a solution to no avail. But there is a simple solution that I accidentaly discovered fixes the problem.

1. Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools and run Disk Cleanup
2. When Disk Cleanup has finished calculating how much space can be freed, click on Clean Up System Files.
3. Disk Cleanup will recalculate and when done make sure that there is a tick next to Windows Update Clean-up.
4. Click OK (Depending on the amount of Windows update files to be cleaned it may take a while.)
5. When it's done, restart your PC/laptop.

The problem should now be solved, at leat it was for me, though there is no 100% guarantee.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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