How do I gain the administrator rights on the computer?

Original title : Kinda URGENT please - Windows 8 lost administrator rights


Here's the issue.

I have an Asus all in one windows 8 desktop type PC. I have upgraded this from standard to Professional.
There is one local user account, which has somehow lost administration rights. This is obviously quite an issue, as I cannot access many functions of the pc, including a work critical application.
There are no other user accounts on the pc to log into, and the standard administrator account I assume is disable by default? As I cant see it.

After some googling, I have tried a few methods to resolve this, to no avail. It seems im in a catch 22, as to fix the issue of having to admin rights, I need to have admin rights to perform most fixes!!

Tried to boot safe mode, to re-enable admin privileges by pushing F8 or shift F8
- no effect - pc just booted as normal

Tried to activate administrator account from 'cmd'
- This must be performed by running cmd as administrator, which I am not currently!

Tried to add safe mode to boot list
- Need to be administrator to do this!

I can't see any method to restore or recover to earlier point

Can't reinstall windows as this came pre-installed with windows. I was just about to add the pc to a domain so I could make a clean image before this problem occured

Ummm, I forget what else I've tried now. pulling my hair out over this. Seems like most anything I need to do, requires I have access to an administrator account to perform. If I could get into safe mode somehow that seems like it would allow me to fix this, but I can't seem to get into that any way.
Please Help!!! This is a work pc, and the only application that gets used, requires admin privileges to run. So its critical I resolve this
Hi, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I found this post running into a similar issue and thought I'd post my findings.

I found a work-around for this problem that doesn't require a re-install of Windows, though you may lose your user account.


The problem is that in Windows 8 the Administrator is inactive by default, so you need to find a way to activate it. You can only activate the admin account as an admin, however. Luckily, (on my machine, anyway) it looks like you can access your hidden Administrator account from safe mode. So your first set of goals is going to be the following:
-boot in safe mode
-log in as an admistrator
-as the administrator, activate the very same adminstrator account. 
-reboot your machine and login as Administrator outside of safe mode (normal mode).

From here, you should be free to do as you wish. Now that the admin account is active, you are allowed to type a password when prompted (by default the password is left blank). For me, however, when I tried to promote my previous user account to administrator (among other tasks) I noticed symptoms that seemed to indicate that the account no longer existed. So I went through steps to set up a new personal account and get it synced with my microsoft account email. 
-Create a new user account
-give administrator rights
-delete my old (for some reason, hidden) account
-sync up my new user account with microsoft account email.


How to get admin access:
1.) Boot into safe mode. You can do this easiest by opening a command prompt (start menu -> type 'cmd'). And type "shutdown /r /o".
2.) You computer will begin to restart but give you a set of troubleshooting options. Choose Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings.
3.) After restarting and entering safe mode, switch users by going to the start menu -> click your username -> and choose Administrator.
4.) Windows will begin the first-time initialization for this account.
5.) Once logged in, open the command prompt again, this time as an admin. (Right click -> Run as Admin).
6.) Type "net user Administrator /active:yes" To set the admin account as "active". It will now show up outside of safe mode.
7.) Reboot your machine and log in as the admistrator again. You can now add users and play with permissions etc. (The metro options are not available in safe mode, hence the reboot).

How to remove your old 'lost' account and sync your new account with microsoft account.
1.) Create a new account via the users section from the control panel. Be sure to give yourself admin rights.
2.) Delete your old lost account by typing "net user <username> /del" into an administrator command prompt. You need to know your old account name, good luck with this one.
3.) Go to your pc settings: Open the right-side context menu -> Settings -> "Change PC Settings".
4.) Go to users tab -> Select "Switch to a Microsoft Account".

Hope this helps!

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