Network share locations do not appear in music app

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Current workflow:


In Zune, added \\share\mymusic to locations in music folder, all music albums and metadata enumerate and display perfectly.


Now, in WIndows 8 Music app it will not show ANY of my music after following the instructions to make a symbolic link so I could fool that stupid WIndows Library function to add the folder without complaining about indexing.


I've tried the same thing for pictures with no result.


Don't anyone reply and tell me to copy my 30Gb+ of music to the local drive.  That is ridiculous and you know it.

If the Music app is fatally flawed in this manner just say so so we can start logging bugs and feature requests.


Otherwise, anyone who has this simple workflow working in Windows 8 Music app please tell me how you got it to work.  I want all music from \\share\mymusic displaying properly as it does in Zune currently.

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Michael S. Oliver replied on
This seems to be a limitation of the shipping versions of the Win8 apps, Music, Photos, etc - not being able to use (raw, non-WHS) network shares that are added to libraries. That said, apparently Microsoft is working on updating these apps to include this functionality. 

That they did not include it as part of the release is a mystery. 

That their tech support does not know this is frustrating and disappointing.

So, in short - we must be patient for a fix....
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