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I have been having BSODs almost daily and just can't seem to figure it out.

I have uninstalled Avast and am running Defender. I have updated the Realtek drivers to the second to last most recent. 

Here is a link to the most recent minidumps and memory.dmp -

I appreciate any help received!

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Patrick Barker replied on

Good eye, Ken. nVidia's also in the stack there as well.

1. Check for any Realtek PCI/PCIe Adapters driver updates from your manufacturers website. You can try Realtek's site directly as well -

2. Ensure you have the latest video card drivers. If you are already on the latest video card drivers, uninstall and install a version or a few versions behind the latest to ensure it's not a latest driver only issue. If you have already experimented with the latest video card driver and many previous versions, please give the beta driver for your card a try.



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