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My computer is just a few weeks old and has been working fine until today. I have gotten the blue screen of death many times today and each time it's said it has something to do with System_Service_Exception. If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.


Here are the files I've noticed are needed after looking through the forums a bit:


Minidump files:

System File Information:

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I bought my Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 on December 19th and have experienced the same issues as everyone else on this thread.  When I first began getting the errors I found on a forum that Windows 8 does not play nicely with Google Chrome and removed it ... the errors stopped.  But then I began having other issues.  I phoned Microsoft and was patched through to the tech guru people who promptly told me that my ports were open and that I would be charged $60 to have them 'fix' issues.  I have to say that with my computer being only three weeks old at that time, I was extremely upset by this extortion from Microsoft.  There was no logical reason that I should be having computer issues.  Since that call, the computer has been functioning - until tonight when again I am getting the blue screen system service exception error / crash. 

I see on this thread that your reply to the first person was made in December.  My question is WHY has Microsoft not done anything about this when there are many Windows 8 users experiencing the same issues?  These issues are seen on a variety of computer brands ... so clearly the issue is not ours but YOURS.   Yet, we are the ones who are suffering with computers and Windows software which is clearly faulty.  WHY has a patch or update or some sort of FIX been done by now - at least two months later ...???? 

Sending people to safe mode is ridiculous.  Why on brand new computers should people have to do anything when the operating system is CLEARLY the issue???  

I'm sure I am not alone when I say that this is completely unacceptable.

Kindly respect your customers by responding with real solutions to this error by way of a patch or service pack or some sort of download ... an effective and perminant solution to this issue.


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