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Whenever I try to run "chkdsk /r", it gets stuck at 27%. It goes to about 5% or 6%, then it skips to 27%. After that, it hands there for hours until I finally do a hard reboot. I know the computer hasn't frozen because I can see the little progress circle still spinning. I should also mention that this issue isn't isolated to one computer. It happens on my notebook and my desktop, an ASUS and an HP, respectively. Is this a problem with Windows 8?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hey All,

No fear - just a little patience is needed.  I ran a disk check - got nervous like everyone else did - called Dell and they had no answer, except to wait.  This was good advice.  After about 2 hours at 27% - it went black and then a message preparing automatic repair came up - then diagnosing message, then repair disk message came up for a split second that said it would take one hour - then 100% completed came up and my beautiful machine came back as healthy as ever.  Don't reload the operating system...just let it do what it needs to do...:)

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Sorry this didn't help.

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