Outlook.com displays differently if I get there from Win8 start screen than if from google browser

I have finally determined that I too have "lost the gear option" . I thought it was my mind!! I will also admit upfront I consider myself a novice Win8 user.....

I have a desktop running Win XP with the outlook.com. On that machine, my hotmail account (google browser and thru outlook) opens up with an options menu across the top... and to the far right is the instant msgr option, the gear option and my name...from which a dropdown menu has edit profile, account settings and log out. For the main body, my folder list down the left, ads down the right, and a LIST of emails from the selected folder in the middle. Each email has a checkbox to the left of it (still in the middle pane) so that I can select one or more to 'do something with'.... from the options menu across the top.

I have a laptop running Win8. If I use my google browser, I get the outlook display as I do in XP so I am satisfied. However, my Win8 experience from the start screen 'mail' tile causes outlook to open up quite differently... even for the same account.

The folder list is down the left, just to the right of that is a list of the emails in the selected folder...showing sender, subject line and date/time, and to the right is the preview pane.  At the top right corner of the preview pane are three menu circles...plus sign for new, reverse arrow for reply/reply all/forward, and trashcan for delete. If I right click the message body, a menu pops up from the bottom of the screen showing menu circles for sync, pin-to-start, move and mark-unread. Move allows me to place the message in a specific folder. When outlook opens, the cursor defaults to the top email (most recent received) in my email list and automatically sets it in the preview pane...thereby marking it as 'read'.

All that said to ask the following.... and note all of these are aggravating issues making my use of outlook.com more difficult than my old fav hotmail. I perceive that the Win8 start screen is my issue/point of the problem. In my list of questions below, Win8 means I opened up my hotmail account from the Win8 start screen.... XP means I used google browser to get to my hotmail account

1) How do I mirror the menu display from XP in Win8? I want it have all my options in one locale, not some at the upper right corner, some in the bottom popup menu and some completely gone. Where do I find the gear option, the edit profile, the account settings?
2) How do I change the default display in Win8? How do I turn off the preview pane, so that I can select an email to read? With the preview pane a default, I have already had spam opened in the preview pane just 'cuz it was the most recently received email. I also want to select a group of emails to act on via the option menu.
3) How do I/can I turn off the ad pane in WinXP? not a hot issue, but because I've seen how my Win8 works (with no ad pane) I assume there must be something in XP to turn off.
4) How do I print in Win8? I cannot see a print option in ANY of the menus I described above. I must go to XP to print paper copies.
5) How do I print attachments in Win8? I choose download assuming the attachment will go to the download folder on my laptop. Nay nay... the file goes nowhere; the click-on-download action seems to do nothing. Again, I have to go to XP to print attachments.

Bluntly, I am unsure why the Win8 mail tile from the start menu does not mirror XP. At my Win8 start menu, I rightclick the mail tile. A popup menu appears from the bottom with menu circles--- unpin, uninstall, smaller/larger, turn-live-tile-off/on and all apps. 

Help please.... I want my XP look from the Win8 start screen

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