Q: my keyboard types random letters .. Help!

 for example when i type "i am very angry " it types "i6 am6 ver6 ag[r" HELP!  I have a 4 month old Toshiba Sattelite C650



Hi Blake,


I would like more information regarding the issue. Let us start with a few questions-


1.       Did you install any language pack onto the computer?

2.       Have you made any software or hardware changes on the laptop prior to the issue?


Let us now perform some troubleshooting steps. All the steps are to be performed systematically and in an order.


Method 1: You may add a keyboard layout and check if that make anny difference:


Add a keyboard layout


Method 2: Let’s follow these steps and check.


a.       Press “Windows Key + R”, type Control Panel.

b.      Go in the Control Panel, under "Clock, Language and Region" and click change "Input methods".

c.       Then on your US line, click on "options" and then download the "English Language pack".

d.      Once download and install you will be able to select "US International" as we know it on Windows.

e.      It'll behave like on Windows 7 but you'll be able to use your US keyboard to type with accented characters.


Hope this helps. Try the above steps and get back to us for further assistance. We will be happy to help you.


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