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Move c:\windows\installer

robert_99 asked on

Windows 8

With a 64Gb SSD C Drive and space left at 5.5Gb I want to move the folders and files of C:\Windows\Installer > D:\C_DRIVE\Windows\Installer.

There is a how to guide for Windows 7 at


It uses the mklink or symbolic link method to point to D drive:

mklink /D C:\Windows\Installer D:\C_DRIVE\Windows\Installer

Once the folders are copied over to D the files the folders on C can be deleted. To obtain the higher SYSTEM privileges, above Administrator, it first used, in W7, a bat file:

sc Create SysCMD binPath="cmd /K start" type=own type=interact
sc start SysCMD

and file removal by:

rmdir /s /q C:\Windows\Installer

 This bat file just flashes in W8.

How can I change the bat file to get the correct rights to remove the c:\windows\installer folders?

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Bill J Baldwin replied on
I'm curious why you used mklink /d instead of mklink /j. The web tells me the former creates a symbolic link to a directory while the latter creates a directory junction. The web is less helpful in explaining when and why I might use one rather than the other. Would mklink /j accomplish the same thing you did with mklink /d? I.e. would both methods allow me to place the C:\Windows\Installer folder on a different drive while Windows 7 "thinks" it's still on the C drive? Would I notice any difference in the end result? If so, what? If not, what would be different "under the hood"?
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