Q: mouse cursor keep flashing as busy constantly


I have a sony vaio 17" laptop.

yesterday I made some update of "Vaio Care". after that my mouse cursor is keep blinking with busy circle.

it show normal cursor when I type something or my mouse is on any line.

but when ever my mouse come on its default icon it start blinking

few months back I face same problem then I just restore it.

please help me to solve this problem



I guess I have found the ultimate solution. There are many many threads on many forums about this issue but none have any specific solution but to take you off the route with unnecessary questions in return.

1. Go to TaskManager 
2. Click CPU% tab to sort the highest usage task to top
3. Find the process with name *spool* or *spooler* in it
4. Kill it (end process)

Reason: If you have tried to print a page/selection on a browser (especially Chrome) and due to some reason if the printer is not connected or having connection issues, you might have tried to print more than once. This print process/spool usually do not show in the systray. No matter how many times you reboot, it may not go away. On every restart, it picks the spool again causing flickering (whether the printer connection is fixed or not). So try the procedure above, this should fix the problem.

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Sorry this didn't help.

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For me it was the nvidia game center causing the flicker.  I killed the nvidia update services and it worked.

Just posting this in case anyone else stumbles around the internet looking for an answer.

Windows 7 nVidia GeForce GTX 275 card 

I had the same issue and disabled Nvidia Streamer Service and at last the flicker stopped :)

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Sorry this didn't help.

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