Q: How to use a partition on an internal drive for file history

I am attempting to use a partition on my main hdd for file history. When I open file history it says "No usable drives found". I have allocated about 50gb to the partition. Is the problem partition size or doesn't windows like internal drives for backup? If the drive is too small please could you recommend a minimum size and if windows doesn't like internal drives for backup could you please tell me how to fix it.


Note:    I know it is bad practice to backup onto the same hard drive as your files are on but the point of this backup is not file security, more so I can revert to old versions of files like windows 7 previous versions. I have a dedicated external hard drive with full backups but it does not offer me the ability to revert to an old version of a file at any time as file history does as I do not carry my backup drive wherever I go.


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Try making a folder on your partition named   FileHistory.  .   Right click it and select Properties.   Share it.

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