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It's been about 4 days since I've had this issue. My computer was running really slow, so I checked the Task Manager and saw that a "System" process was running under the name "ntoskrnl.exe". I thought it was a virus or a rootkit. I ran Windows Defender and nothing was detected. I just did a clean install of my operating system last night, and I'm checking my processes and the same issue is persisting.

I have an HP Pavilion m7 1015-dx.

If the problem is persisting like I think it is, can this be a hardware issue?
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Its a 100% disk usage problem in all Windows 8 Versions. In task manager programs like services and system.exe consumes .5-1 MB/s and shows a disk usage of 100% and make other running programs unresponsive.
Its a major problem in windows 8 and still Microsoft is not doing anything regarding this!!
Are we supposed to face this problem until the next release of Windows or is there any way to fix it permanently??
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