battery life has reduced after installing Windows 8

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I have upgraded my Acer Ultra M3 from Windows 7 to Windows 8, but the battery management if Win8 seems very, very bad. Using the app BatteryBar, it is constantly discharging hovering at 13,000-17,000 mWh, with battery saver power plan on idle with no program running, while in win7, it only hovering around 7000-10,000 mWh, while running much, much more program on it. I can even play games on windows 7 (Civilization V) and kick on Nvidia Optimus (GT 640M) with background apps running like antivirus and web browser, and the battery still hover around 15,000 mWh.

I am suspecting its the modern UI that is pulling the battery apart, even though running on the background. I have read through many others that have problem like mine, and "solutions" given like driver not ready pre-launch, update bios, antivirus etc are all practically kind of bullshit (Not even hve antivirus in my Win8). 

It is already March now in 2013 and it seems like there is still no solution to this problem.

I dont really have problem with Win8 really, even though i rarely use the new Modern UI, but I like it overall. It is just the battery management that is really suck. Cutting my laptop usage from 7+ hours to 2-3 hours is not fun at all. Until my question is solved for me, and for other fellow users also, I beg for Microsoft to listen. probably how to to turn off Modern UI might help for now if that is possible.

Thanks. Hoping hard for an answer.
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